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Meet the team

The NeuroRecovery Research Team are based at the University of New South Wales and are also part of a broader team of researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia, working on combined projects with the Pain IMPACT Centre.

Team Photo December 2023_edited_edited.j

Prof Sylvia Gustin, Ph.D., BPsych, MPsych 

Director, NeuroRecovery Research Hub, Rebecca Cooper Research Fellow, APHRA Registered Psychologist


Dr Yann Quidé, PhD

Research Fellow,

Head of Neuroimaging, Neurobiology and Mental Health Program

Nell Norman-Nott, BPsychSc(Hons), PhD Candidate

Clinical Researcher & DBT Skills Trainer

Head of Chronic Pain Emotional Recovery Program


Dr Negin Hesam-Shariati, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Head of Chronic Pain Neurotherapy Program

Negin HS (2).jpeg

Thiago Folly, BPthy

Clinical Research Assistant


Pauline Zahara, BPthy

Head of Clinical Trial Management, NRRH Group Manager

Sebastian Restrepo, BMechEngin

Mechanical Engineer, CAD Designer


Kevin Yi Chen, BEng(Hons), BSc

Software Engineer

Khaizuran Kamaru_edited.jpg

Khaizuran Kamarul, BPsychScience 

Honours student


Lara Alexander, BExPhys

ESSA-Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Honours student

Daphne Lim

PhD Candidate

Daphne Lim.png

Eilish Fitzpatrick

Honours student

Eilish Fitzpatrick 2024.jpg
Angus McIntyre.jpg

Angus McIntyre

 Electrical/Biomedical Engineer


Fabiènne Schinke, BPsych

Master student in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy 

Rebecca Peters, BPsych

Master student in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy 


Katherine Keane, BPsych

Masters student in Forensic Psychology

Katherine Keane
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