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Key Publications

Immersive interactive virtual walking reduces neuropathic pain in spinal cord injury: findings from a preliminary investigation of feasibility and clinical efficacy


Zina Trost, Monima Anam, Joshua Seward, Corey Shum, Deanna Rumble, John Sturgeon, Victor Mark, Yuying Chen, Lucie Mitchell, Rachel Cowan, Robert Perera, Elizabeth Richardson, Scott Richards, Sylvia Gustin

The analgesic effect of electroencephalographic neurofeedback for people with chronic pain: A systematic review and meta‐analysis


Negin Hesam‐Shariati, Wei‐Ju Chang, Michael A Wewege, James H McAuley, Andrew Booth, Zina Trost, Chin‐Teng Lin, Toby Newton‐John, Sylvia M Gustin

The relationship between cortisol reactivity and emotional brain function is differently moderated by childhood trauma, in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and healthy individuals


Yann Quidé, Leah Girshkin, Oliver J Watkeys, Vaughan J Carr, Melissa J Green

Aberrant intrinsic connectivity in women victims of sexual assault


Yann Quidé, Aïcha Zine, Céline Descriaud, Pauline Saint-Martin, Frédéric Andersson, Wissam El-Hage

Systemic inflammation and grey matter volume in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: Moderation by childhood trauma severity


Yann Quidé, Chiara C Bortolasci, Briana Spolding, Srisaiyini Kidnapillai, Oliver J Watkeys, Sarah Cohen-Woods, Vaughan J Carr, Michael Berk, Ken Walder, Melissa J Green

Disruption to normal excitatory and inhibitory function within the medial prefrontal cortex in people with chronic pain


David Kang, Negin Hesam-Shariati, James H McAuley, Monzurul Alam, Zina Trost, Caroline D Rae, Sylvia M Gustin

The No Worries Trial: Efficacy of Online Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Training for Chronic Pain (iDBT-Pain) Using a Single Case Experimental Design


Nell Norman-Nott, Chelsey R. Wilks, Negin Hesam-Shariati, Jessica Schroeder, Jina Suh, Mary Czerwinski, Nancy E. Briggs, Yann Quidé, James McAuley, Sylvia M. Gustin

Reversing 21 years of chronic paralysis via non-invasive spinal cord neuromodulation: a case study


Monzurul Alam, Yan To Ling,Arnold Y. L. Wong, Hui Zhong, Victor Reggie Edgerton, Yong-Ping Zheng

Restoration of arm and hand functions via noninvasive cervical cord neuromodulation after traumatic brain injury: a case study


Qiuyang Qian, Yan To Ling, Hui Zhong, Yong-Ping Zheng, Monzurul Alam

Improved Kinematics and Motor Control in a Longitudinal Study of a Complex Therapy Movement in Chronic Stroke


Negin Hesam-Shariati, Terry Trinh, Angelica G. Thompson-Butel, Christine T Shiner, Stephen J Redmond, Penelope A McNulty

Development of a battery-free ultrasonically powered functional electrical stimulator for movement restoration after paralyzing spinal cord injury


Monzurul Alam, Shuai Li, Rakib Uddin Ahmed, Yat Man Yam, Suman Thakur, Xiao-Yun Wang, Dan Tang, Serena Ng, Yong-Ping Zheng

Reduced glutamate in the medial prefrontal cortex is associated with emotional and cognitive dysregulation in people with chronic pain


Brooke Naylor, Negin Hesam-Shariati, James H McAuley, Simon Boag, Toby Newton-John, Caroline D Rae, Sylvia M Gustin

Smaller hippocampal volume following sexual assault in women is associated with post-traumatic stress disorder


Yann Quidé, Frédéric Andersson, Diane Dufour-Rainfray, Celine Descriaud, Bruno Brizard, Valérie Gissot, Helen Cléry, Marie-Paule Carrey Le Bas, Sylvie Osterreicher, Maja Ogielska, Pauline Saint-Martin, Wissam El-Hage

New evidence for preserved somatosensory pathways in complete spinal cord injury: a fMRI study


Paul J Wrigley, Philip J Siddall, Sylvia M Gustin

Measurement of neurovascular coupling in human motor cortex using simultaneous transcranial Doppler and electroencephalography


Monzurul Alam, Ghazanfar Ahmed, Yan To Ling, Yong-Ping Zheng

A longitudinal electromyography study of complex movements in poststroke therapy. 2: changes in coordinated muscle activation


Negin Hesam-Shariati, Terry Trinh, Angelica G Thompson-Butel, Christine T Shiner, Penelope A McNulty

A longitudinal electromyography study of complex movements in Poststroke therapy. 1: heterogeneous changes despite consistent improvements in clinical assessments


Negin Hesam-Shariati, Terry Trinh, Angelica G Thompson-Butel, Christine T Shiner, Penelope A McNulty

Brain-machine interface facilitated neurorehabilitation via spinal stimulation after spinal cord injury: Recent progress and future perspectives


Monzurul Alam, Willyam Rodrigues, Bau Ngoc Pham, Nitish V Thakor

Thalamic activity and biochemical changes in individuals with neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury


SM Gustin, PJ Wrigley, AM Youssef, Leigh McIndoe, SL Wilcox, CD Rae, RAE Edden, PJ Siddall, LA Henderson

Chronic pain: lost inhibition?


Luke A Henderson, Chris C Peck, Esben T Petersen, Caroline D Rae, Andrew M Youssef, Jenna M Reeves, Sophie L Wilcox, Rahena Akhter, Greg M Murray, Sylvia M Gustin

Differences between effects of psychological versus pharmacological treatments on functional and morphological brain alterations in anxiety disorders and major depressive disorder: a systematic review


Yann Quidé, Anke B. Witteveen, Wissam El-Hage, Dick J Veltman, Miranda Olff

Pain and plasticity: is chronic pain always associated with somatosensory cortex activity and reorganization?


Sylvia M Gustin, Chris C Peck, Lukas B Cheney, Paul M Macey, Greg M Murray, Luke A Henderson

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