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Lara Alexander, BExPhys

Lara Alexander is an ESSA-Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist, currently undertaking an Honours with the UNSW NeuroRecovery Research Hub. 


    Lara graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology from the University of New South Wales and is currently working in a clinical setting as an ESSA-accredited exercise physiologist. Lara works closely with patients affected by neurological conditions and chronic pain originating from injury. Due to her interest in these fields, Lara has decided to undertake an Honours with the UNSW NeuroRecovery Research Hub, where she will be investigating the effects of neurofeedback therapy on neuropathic eye pain. Lara will draw on her knowledge and experience working with chronic pain patients to trial new and innovative therapies that can inform clinical practice, improve patients’ access to treatment and their overall quality of life. 

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