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Pauline Zahara, BPhty

Pauline Zahara is an AHPRA registered physiotherapist, a Clinical Trial Manager, and Group manager, at UNSW's NeuroRecovery Research Hub, and has a conjoint appointment at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).


    Pauline completed her physiotherapy degree at the University of Queensland and spent the first half of her career working as a clinical physiotherapist in hospitals and private practice. During her 30+ years as a clinician she became passionate about providing patients with best-practice care and joined the field of research to use her clinical knowledge to help bridge the gap between knowledge gained through research and its application in practice.

    She has managed large clinical trials at The George Institute, University of Sydney, and NeuRA to a successful completion which has allowed for the research outcomes to be translated into practice. Her current research position as clinical trial manager at UNSW is focused on the conduct and completion of clinical trials to afford sustainable advances in spinal cord injury neuropathic pain management, and the restoration of sensation.

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