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The PECCS study: Psychosocial, emotional and cognitive markers of chronic stress in people with chronic pain 

(UNSW ethics approval No: iRECS6008 )
Currently recruiting

Chronic pain is more than a painful experience, it is highly emotional. People with chronic pain consistently report increasing and uncontrollable levels of anger, worry, fear and sadness. These negative emotional states contribute to a cycle of worsening pain and emotional difficulties including anxiety and depression.  

Researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) are now recruiting for a study that aims to better understand how chronic pain impacts the way people can perform day-to-day cognitive tasks (for example keeping in mind a phone number or pay attention to distractors), their overall stress levels, regulate their emotions, influence their emotional wellbeing and mental health, and impacts their personality traits. 

What is the research study about?

We are recruiting for a new study where we will investigate the relationship existing between emotion regulation, wellbeing, stress, cognition in people with chronic pain, and compare them to people who never experienced chronic pain.   

This online study involves participating in one unique 45–60-minute survey, answering questions and performing “game-like” cognitive tasks. 

The research study is looking to recruit people who meet the following criteria: 

  • 18 years of age or older 

  • Can read and understand English 

  • Currently experiencing chronic pain (more than 3 months)  


  • Never experienced chronic pain 


Exclusion criteria are: 

  • 17 years of age and younger 

  • Can not read and understand English 

  • (if you never experienced chronic pain) Known current or past diagnosis of psychiatric disorder, for example schizophrenia, major depressive disorder or borderline personality disorder and/or neurological disorder, for example stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain cancer or Parkinson’s disease. 

How to participate?

The Participant Information Statement explains the study in detail. (Click to download)


Take the time to read it and please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have before starting the survey at  

Participants will have a chance to win a $50 gift card!

*Important*: Mobile phone access is not supported, please access the survey on your desktop/laptop

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