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NeuroRecovery Research Hub

Welcome to the NeuroRecovery Research Hub, a new research facility led by Professor Sylvia Gustin at the University of New South Wales in Australia. This Hub is dedicated to the exploration of reprogramming the brain to achieve optimal operating systems in the body using cutting-edge science research methods and novel brain technology-based interventions.

We are an innovative science team focus on three key areas of research: 

1. Spinal Cord Injury Research.
2. Chronic Pain Reset.
3. Mental Health Management.


NeuroRecovery Research Hub
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Says Professor Sylvia Gustin, "I believe that our brain is an extraordinary organ and that we may be able to retrain our brain to recover from spinal and mental health issues and chronic pain. I believe that if we can change the function of the brain, we may be able to help it heal and change these circumstances".

Find out more about the background to our research and the details of our current and upcoming clinical trials.

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